Tuesday, October 10

Happy Fall! We finally had a killing frost last night, so I have no excuses to not clean up my garden.

Doris, the sassy cat, loves boxes. She was being a rascal this morning, so I set the box on the counter and she jumped right in. She is in her happy place!



Quote of the day: “Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” – Jim Bishop


How about prudence?

When thinking about the name of my blog and what I wanted the name to convey, I became very interested in the the words prudent and prudence. Yes, there can be negative connotations around these words, so I looked in my dictionary, again.

I really like what Merriam Webster has to say: the habit of acting with deliberation and discretion, wisdom applied to practice. Love it! Also, careful management, economy.

That is exactly what I want in my life. This blog will be my testimony of moving in that direction.

Thank you very much!