Friday, Dec 1, 2017

Wow! December is here. Get ready for time to fly….

Quote of the day: “Don’t let your dreams be dreams.” – Jack Johnson

So much more fun to play than work! Doris the Sassy Cat is always around me when I am working.

Time to get serious. Ready, Set Go…

34 days of Goals

  1. Follow FlyLady: if you need help getting your life together, FlyLady is a great place to start. I am a continual flying baby. I need to get back into a system of keeping up with EVERYTHING and FlyLady is my first step. So for December 1st, this is the mission:   Zone 1: Mission #1 Friday

Dear Friends,

Today, let’s sparkle up the Dining Room Table and Chairs. If you don’t have a Dining Room set, no problem, do this mission on the kitchen table.

Set your timer for 15 minutes. Wipe down the tops, the edges, and the legs on your Dining Room Table. Give the chairs a wipe too. Don’t ask us about cleaning chemicals, use whatever cleaning and polishing supplies you normally use for your furniture.

I will work on this mission today and start getting a handle on my housework…

2. Get serious about losing weight. My husband and I just booked a beach vacation trip for January. Need to lose some fluff! We are going to do Power90. We successfully completed this 11 years ago and are going to try again.

3. Get rid of extras in my house. Continue to declutter…

4. Clean out the spaces behind closed doors. Oh the closets that no one sees. Or the basement lurking down the steps. I need to get a plan together today.

5. Create a meal plan. Always a struggle for me….

I’ll start with these five and see about adding more….


Monday, November 27, 2017

Oh, sweet Gary the cat. He is big, but he can balance!

Quote of the day: “Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again.” – Samuel Beckett

Ah, the last week of the month and we have four weeks or 28 days until Christmas. We did not hit the stores for the sales, just a few online purchases. We don’t only give gifts to our immediate family and our parents, so it is not too stressful.

I am getting the house in order after having everyone home over the Thanksgiving break. I forget how full the house feels when we are all home… 

I am being prudent today. Always looking for ways to save. My sheets are on the clothes line today and the clothes are on racks on the front patio. Being without a dryer to almost 5 years now makes me aware of the times when the laundry can dry outside. 

 Look at the sheets blowing in the breeze. It will be sweet dreams tonight! Nothing smells as good as line dried sheets. 

Enjoy your day!

What does Being Prudent mean?

As I went about searching for a name for my blog, I thought of many ideas that are important to me. Fun, safe, creative, wise, thrifty, comfortable. I decided on the word Prudent.

Now, the word prudent has some bad connotations. There are some confusion with the word prude. It may conjure up the image of the spinster older woman with no style or life! Who is cheap and judgmental. Wow, that is not my idea of a good word for a blog!

But, while I was looking up the definition in my dictionary, (Yes, I do have a very thick dictionary on my shelf, in fact I have two!) I found I really liked what Marriam Webster had to say ;


I love the first definition: capable of exercising sound judgement in practical matters. Yeah! That is what I want. I love the part from the second meaning which says, “sensible, not rash.” Isn’t that how we want to live?

I love living in a peaceful home. I do not thrive in chaos.

So, there is what I want my blog to be about: the pursuit of peace by using sound judgement and being sensible, and not rash.