Friday, Dec 1, 2017

Wow! December is here. Get ready for time to fly….

Quote of the day: “Don’t let your dreams be dreams.” – Jack Johnson

So much more fun to play than work! Doris the Sassy Cat is always around me when I am working.

Time to get serious. Ready, Set Go…

34 days of Goals

  1. Follow FlyLady: if you need help getting your life together, FlyLady is a great place to start. I am a continual flying baby. I need to get back into a system of keeping up with EVERYTHING and FlyLady is my first step. So for December 1st, this is the mission:   Zone 1: Mission #1 Friday

Dear Friends,

Today, let’s sparkle up the Dining Room Table and Chairs. If you don’t have a Dining Room set, no problem, do this mission on the kitchen table.

Set your timer for 15 minutes. Wipe down the tops, the edges, and the legs on your Dining Room Table. Give the chairs a wipe too. Don’t ask us about cleaning chemicals, use whatever cleaning and polishing supplies you normally use for your furniture.

I will work on this mission today and start getting a handle on my housework…

2. Get serious about losing weight. My husband and I just booked a beach vacation trip for January. Need to lose some fluff! We are going to do Power90. We successfully completed this 11 years ago and are going to try again.

3. Get rid of extras in my house. Continue to declutter…

4. Clean out the spaces behind closed doors. Oh the closets that no one sees. Or the basement lurking down the steps. I need to get a plan together today.

5. Create a meal plan. Always a struggle for me….

I’ll start with these five and see about adding more….


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

  My dear little Doris. She loves being in boxes! I think we have a box in almost every room so she has her safe space. 

Quote of the day: “There is no secret to success except hard work.” – Countee Cullen


Back to work day…. after a long weekend, five days for me, it is nice to get back into the routine. 

Day 2 on the Bright Line Eating plan. I weighed myself this morning. Ugh, I have work to do. So far so good… one day at a time.

I am doing laundry again today. Remember yesterday I had the picture of my sheets blowing in the breeze. Well, I went to town to run some errands and when I came home, the yard was full of smoke. It seem the farmer to our south thought it was a good idea to burn the trees he ripped down 2 or 3 years ago. All my clean, fresh laundry was outside. It was too late to rewash everything yesterday, so I am washing again today. At least the wind today is helping to remove the smoke smell!

goopwellness High School Genes

I have been steadily gaining weight, especially this summer. I am experiencing hormone swings and am sure some the gain is due to peri-menopause.

In searching for solutions, I came across ‘goop’,, Gweneth Paltrow’s blog/store. I was intrigued by her supplements. The packets have been put together by Dr. Sara Gottfried. I decided to try it. I paid $90.00 for a 30 day pack. Seems like a lot of money, but I am very frustrated.

I started the packet today. 

I did not weigh myself, because my scale needs a new battery, which I don’t have. Ugh. I will judge my experience instead by measurements and by how my clothes fit. 

I will keep you updated.