Bright Line Eating – 28 days test

So on my quest to regain my body, I am trying the Bright Line Eating system for 28 days. It is 4 weeks until Christmas, when I know it will be impossible to follow any plan perfectly. I am desperate to get some pounds off. I could not weigh myself this morning, as I have to get a new battery for my scale. This system is fairly simple:

  1. No Sugar
  2. No Flour
  3. No snacking, eat 3 meals a day
  4. Weigh/measure your food

No weird food to purchase or recipes to follow. Just those guidelines. I checked out the book at the library, so I am trying this for free. Here’s the book:

Here are my reminder cards I made up, so I can eat the correct amounts at the right time:

Here is my menu plan, which I am supposed to create the day before:

I’ll keep you posted…

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