Thursday, Sept 28

Thought of the day:

“One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning”

– James Russel Lowell


Doris the sassy cat is in love with boxes! Good thing she is small.


Jobs to do in the fall

I get a feeling of being overwhelmed in the spring and the fall of the year. It is either the beginning of gardening and yard work or putting it to bed for the winter. I learned this year that my not cleaning up the garden last fall, set me up for failure this year. (More about that in another post.) 

I look outside and see the plants that need spent flowers trimmed off and overgrown ground cover pulled out. I also see unfinished projects I need to complete. The house needs staining, fallen branches cleaned up, vegetable garden cleaned up and cover crop planted. And, and, and… Ugh. Who doesn’t get anxious? 

So I make lists and get nervous just looking at them. I love FlyLady. If anyone needs help in where to get started, that is a good place. One of the best things I have taken away from the FlyLady is to tackle tasks in 15 minute increments. Don’t take out what you can’t complete in 15 minutes. With that mentality I can quickly sweep my patio and porch and clean the window on the front door. Or dust and vacuum one floor of my house. In a short window of time, I can get a lot accomplished.

So, I am off to clean one flower bed that may take a bit more than fifteen minutes, but I will work until I fill my wheelbarrow. Than I will be done. 

Try it. It may help you too!

What does Being Prudent mean?

As I went about searching for a name for my blog, I thought of many ideas that are important to me. Fun, safe, creative, wise, thrifty, comfortable. I decided on the word Prudent.

Now, the word prudent has some bad connotations. There are some confusion with the word prude. It may conjure up the image of the spinster older woman with no style or life! Who is cheap and judgmental. Wow, that is not my idea of a good word for a blog!

But, while I was looking up the definition in my dictionary, (Yes, I do have a very thick dictionary on my shelf, in fact I have two!) I found I really liked what Marriam Webster had to say ;


I love the first definition: capable of exercising sound judgement in practical matters. Yeah! That is what I want. I love the part from the second meaning which says, “sensible, not rash.” Isn’t that how we want to live?

I love living in a peaceful home. I do not thrive in chaos.

So, there is what I want my blog to be about: the pursuit of peace by using sound judgement and being sensible, and not rash.